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Property Renovation

If your intention is to renovate your property after the purchase to add value or modify the property to your requirements, then we can help! As experienced builders we have completed many renovations for Clients and therefore we can provide you with ideas, advice and cost estimates before you are unconditional on a contract. Imagine the possibilities … your home comes with a brand-new kitchen to your specification, or a brand-new bathroom with the exact design you love. And this can all be completed before you move in … so the process is streamlined and hassle free. Contact us to arrange a time to meet.

Property Development

If you have always dreamed of developing property yourself, but you’re not sure where to start, then we can help! Property Development can involve activities including demolishing an existing property and building a new home, subdividing land, or designing and building a duplex, units or townhouses on a site that has potential for that type of development. There can be enormous opportunities to build wealth using this strategy, providing you understand the process. But if you make mistakes, the consequences can result in financial ruin, so it is important to get help if you are a first-time developer. If you would like to understand if property development is right for you, contact us to arrange a time to meet.

Property Renovation & Development


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