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Auctions often bring anxiety and stress, it can be difficult to focus on your strategy when you are emotionally connected to a property and it can be easy to overspend when you are really wanting the property of your dreams.

It is not a common way to buy a property in Brisbane.  In fact more properties sell by private treaty than by auction.  So most buyers are inexperienced with the auction bidding process.

That’s where we can help. We can devise a plan with you before auction day, and we can action that plan on your behalf, with confidence and precision. If you need help with Real Estate Auction Bidding Brisbane, then you can reach out to us for assistance by contacting us.

Why use an Auction Bidding Brisbane Service?

If you are buying a property that is for sale by auction, you may want to engage a professional Buyers Agent to bid on your behalf at auction.  Our real estate auction bidding service will provide the professional representation you deserve.

Sale by Auction in Brisbane is not as common as negotiating a sale through written offers.  We offer a professional Auction Bidding Brisbane Service for you.

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What are the Benefits of engaging a professional Buyers Agent for an Auction Bidding Brisbane Service?

There are many benefits for property buyers in using a professional Buyers Agent to bid on their behalf at auction.  These include:

  • Helping you to accurately determine the property value
  • Assisting you with the necessary pre-auction steps
  • Guiding you through the auction process
  • Establishing the strategy to be adopted at the auction (keeping in mind that sometimes we need to change the strategy on the day depending on other bidders)
  • Not paying too much – we stick to your pre-determined budget
  • Avoiding the emotional roller-coaster ride that often comes with an auction bidding experience
  • Assisting in contract completion following the auction if you are the winning bidder!

We charge a fixed set fee for our Brisbane Auction Bidding Service of $795 +  GST.  This includes a comprehensive Site Due Diligence Report provided to you BEFORE auction day.  To book Contact Us today!


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