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Thinking of buying a development site in Brisbane? Finding the right site at the right price can often be the hardest part!

What makes a good development site in Brisbane?

Understanding what makes a good development site in Brisbane requires expert knowledge of town planning restrictions, site restrictions, the development process and construction. We have a unique skill set that provides all of these things for the benefit of our Clients. We are developers, we are builders and we are Brisbane buyers agents. There is no better mix to instil confidence in the recommendations we make for our Clients.

Buying a development site in Brisbane can be competitive as there are a lot of developers looking for the right sites. It is imperative to complete a comprehensive site due diligence as part of the buying process, because often Brisbane’s complex planning schemes inhibit the potential of a site due to council overlays and other factors. Many A-Grade opportunities are transacting off-market, which means if you are waiting for sites to be listed online, then you may be missing out on a lot of opportunities.


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Interested in Splitter Blocks in Brisbane?

The most popular type of development site in our city is the Brisbane Splitter Block.  You can read about this type of development site HERE.  We help many clients to buy splitter blocks in Brisbane.  These can be very profitable for property investors looking for more sophisticated investment strategies, and also property developers.

We have established networks with many Sales Agents throughout Brisbane to ensure we have priority access to any opportunities that may come to market. We also have a growing network with developers themselves to ensure we hear about future opportunities as early as possible. Find out more about how we can help you buy a development site in Brisbane, or a Brisbane splitter block, by contacting us now.


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