Purchasing an investment property in Brisbane requires local knowledge to ensure you are buying in locations that deliver on your capital growth and rental yield requirements. We take the time to understand what your investment goals are. We want to understand whether capital growth or yield is more important to you, and we want to understand your property investment strategy before we start searching for a suitable property to match your brief.

Once we understand what your investment goals are, we provide local knowledge and strategic advice on suburbs that may be suitable to deliver the results you desire. Our suggestions are backed by historical data and future potential. We discuss what is happening in local suburbs that may impact on future growth, what infrastructure is being built, and what suburbs will look like into the future based on the “invisible” things you cannot see such local government planning schemes. We like to educate you along the way, so you also gain knowledge and have confidence in our recommendations.

We ensure every property investment opportunity is a sound investment for Clients, with no “hidden” site constraints. We include a comprehensive site due to diligence investigation as part of our service to give you peace of mind, knowing there will be no limitations to future improvements that may be possible on a site.

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