Comprehensive Site Analysis and Negotiation Service

We often have Clients contact us to provide a comprehensive analysis on a property that they have found themselves, and to perform all negotiations with real estate agents on their behalf. Some Clients enjoy the process of finding their own property to buy, but they just want the peace of mind to ensure they learn about what they cannot see and they want some help understanding the market value of the property.

Sales Agents always work for the seller, so having someone on your side, representing you as the buyer, provides confidence that you are not paying too much for your property, or you are not buying a property with a hidden problem that the Sales Agent has not disclosed.

Some of the site analyses we can do include:

  • Zoning, such as particular rules regarding what can and cannot be done with the land
  • Specific site constraints, such as flood, heritage, conservation or road issues

To find out more about how our Comprehensive Site Analysis and Negotiation Service can benefit you, contact us today.


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