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Why use local experts to assist you with your Brisbane Investment Property purchase?

Purchasing an investment property in Brisbane requires local knowledge to ensure you are buying in locations that deliver on your capital growth and rental yield requirements.  There should NEVER be a one-size-fits all approach applied when it comes to selecting an investment property in Brisbane.  Your investment strategy should always match your tax strategy and your finance strategy.

It is also important to have a representative on the ground, inspecting every property on your behalf.  This helps you to understand the potential future maintenance costs that come with owning an investment property. 

Selecting a Brisbane investment property based on numbers alone can be a big mistake.  Whilst the location does a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of the capital growth performance of an asset, the quality of the dwelling itself determines the rental return both now and especially in the future.

Our point of difference for selecting your Investment Property Brisbane 

Our Brisbane Buyers Agents take the time to understand what your investment goals are.  We also want to understand your risk appetite.  Once we know more about you, then we plan a full strategy session with one of our in-house Qualified Property Investment Advisors.  This is how we plan to ensure that the right property is selected for you.  We know Brisbane property better than most, and we will only recommend locations where we know you will achieve the goals you set for yourself.

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Our Expert Local Knowledge to Ensure Brisbane Property Investment Success

Once we understand what your investment goals are, we provide local knowledge and strategic advice on suburbs that may be suitable to deliver the results you desire. Our suggestions are backed by historical data and future potential.  We consider the supply and demand metrics that cause price movement in local property markets.  We discuss what is happening in local suburbs that may impact on future growth.  We know what infrastructure is being built.  We also understand what suburbs will look like in the future based on the “invisible” things you cannot see such local government planning schemes.  We like to educate you along the way, so you also gain knowledge and have confidence in our recommendations.

As members of Property Investment Professionals of Australia, we pride ourselves on our professional approach.  We strive for excellence in raising the professional standards of the property investment industry.  In doing so, we adhere to a code of conduct and have obtained professional accreditation through the QPIA® Training Program.

Where to Buy your Investment Property in Brisbane

A lot of people say for Brisbane property investment success, you have to buy within a 10-15km radius from the Brisbane CBD.  We dispute this argument on the basis that Brisbane is not a radial city.

Brisbane has a narrow northern corridor that stretches approximately 50km to the North.  This is the top end of the Moreton Bay Region.

Brisbane also has a south western corridor heading out about 45 km to Ipswich. There is also a south east corridor heading about 60km towards the Gold Coast.

If we look at the radial distance from the Brisbane CBD being the criteria used to select an Investment Property in Brisbane, then this includes many areas heavily impacted by flood close to the Brisbane River, air traffic around the Australian Trade Coast region and mountain ranges to the west of the City.  These areas are clearly NOT investment grade locations!

There are some regions in Greater Brisbane that have performed very well since 2015, however as property investors consider locations further from the Brisbane CBD, there are many factors that need to be carefully evaluated including the availability of broad hectare land supply for future housing in the future.

When we recommend locations for a Brisbane Investment Property for our Clients, we first have to consider the strategy. Investors are often attracted to Brisbane because of our strong rental yields compared to other Capital Cities on the east coast of Australia. We often hear people wanting high yield and capital growth.  

Historical data has proven to date that long term strong capital growth combined with high rental yields is simply not possible with standard investment properties in Brisbane, despite what some people might suggest. 

Yes there might be spikes in capital growth when buying an investment property in Brisbane, over a short period of time in areas where yields are stronger in Great Brisbane regions.  But the data proves that the long term growth will be compromised.  Yes there are also some strategies where you can achieve strong yields in an area where capital growth is also strong, but these examples often require higher risk investment strategies. 

Brisbane provides several options for Property Investors who are looking for a balanced approach where capital growth and rental yields are both adequate.  This is often the investment strategy that suits lower risk investors.

Of course, there are also areas in Brisbane that will deliver superior capital growth.  Even in times when the Brisbane market as a whole is flat, some areas just continue to out perform.  This is where our local knowledge and extensive in-house research helps our Clients most.

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