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You can find out more about our professional team, our services and why we are different in the video below.

We are a team of Brisbane Buyers Agents, helping people to purchase their ideal home or investment property through our boutique concierge service.  We provide guidance and professional assistance every step of the way.  Depending on your needs we can assist with location recommendations, sourcing off-market opportunities, on-site inspections, research and due diligence, property appraisals, negotiation and auction bidding.  We even help Clients who need renovation and development advice before they buy. 

Clients choose us when they want expert input from a team of Brisbane Buyers Agents, instead of a single Buyers Agent.  We each have our own area of expertise.  So if you are looking for a local Brisbane Buyers Agent service where you not only receive standard inclusions, but also professional advice from a licensed Builder, Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA®) and experienced Property Investors and Developers, please get in touch.  


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Client Testimonial   “Melinda is an outstanding buyer’s agent! She instils confidence in her clients because of her knowledge, experience and expertise in locating the right property and securing it at the right price. Melinda’s work ethic, attention to detail and negotiation skills were exceptional. My husband is risk averse and he was put at ease by Melinda’s professional approach, I can’t thank her enough. I would highly recommend Melinda to family and friends to help them during this often stressful time.” Customer Stars Ratings


Client Testimonial   “As Melbournians investing in Brisbane it was vital for us to have an expert on our side who not only knows and understands the local market, but one who is willing to listen and genuinely understand our requirements. Streamline Property Buyers were just that and more.  Their proactive approach to communication was refreshing, not only maintaining regular contact regarding targeted properties but when ruled out, explaining in detail why they did not consider them investment grade or the right asset for us…Read More Customer Stars Ratings


“I have to say that you’ve made a mockery of how we’ve tried to purchase property in the past. I really enjoyed sitting back and receiving in depth information about each of the properties you considered and felt confident in the decision making process. You made allowances for issues I would not have uncovered at all and we’ve learnt a lot in a short period of time.” Customer Stars Ratings





A must have property buying guide that everyone who is interested in buying property in Brisbane should read.  Find out some of the things our expert Brisbane Buyers Agents research when assessing property on behalf of our Clients.  To get your free copy, please click the download link below.

Property Purchase in Brisbane Guide

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