Melinda Jennison, Managing Director, Buyers Agent and Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA®) at Streamline Property Buyers

From a very young age I developed an interest in real estate because my parents were property investors, so I learnt a lot from the conversations that we often had growing up. I have been fortunate to have never rented, but instead I bought my first home in Brisbane at the age of 18. This was the beginning of my own property journey.

I’ve come from a research background, having completed a PhD in 2001. Instead of staying in academia I moved into real estate, with involvement in the building and construction industry and property development. Now as a buyers advocate and QPIA®, I use the skills I have acquired over the years to make evidence based property decisions, to accurately interpret data and translate that in an easy way for Clients to understand, and analyse all sorts of property deals for myself and others.

For more about me, tune in to the Property Investory Podcast with Tyrone Shum by clicking HERE where I share my story.

Melinda Jennison

Scott Jennison, Buyers Agent and Licenced Builder at Streamline Property Buyers

My earliest experience in property and investing was in 1985, when I was working as a first-year apprentice Carpenter with my father. At that time, I was earning around $100 a week and my parents persuaded me to buy a vacant block of land, whilst taking a portion of my income to cover the repayments. A couple of years later, I built a house on that land and sold it for a profit. This first lesson from my parents taught me the value of the property as an investment tool and opened my mind to consider other property investment opportunities.

As a fully licenced builder, I have been fortunate to also have the skills which have enabled me to manufacture additional equity in my property investments over many years. This has been possible through renovations, extensions and property developments.

I love helping people to find or create their dream property. As a buyers advocate I now use my construction knowledge to provide Clients with peace of mind and to refer them to industry professionals that can assist with adding extra value.

Scott Jennison

Teliah Furner, Buyers Agent at Streamline Property Buyers

I have always been passionate about property.  Spending my spare time on property listing sites became my hobby throughout my teenage years.  I knew from a young age that I needed to be in the real estate industry, and after doing unpaid work experience for a boutique Real Estate Agency, I landed my first real estate job in property management.  This is an area that I became very experienced in over the subsequent 5 years.

Being in the Buyers Advocacy part of the Industry has been something I have aspired towards for a number of years and I am so excited to be a part of the Streamline Property Buyers team with Scott and Melinda.  I am now fulfilling my dream by contributing to a service which assists clients to reach their goals through property investment and helping to match clients with their ideal home in Brisbane.

Scott Jennison

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