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Melinda Jennison Buyers Agent

Melinda Jennison

Managing Director, Buyers Agent and Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA®)

From a very young age I developed an interest in real estate because my parents were property investors, so I learnt a lot from the conversations that we often had growing up. I have been fortunate to have never rented, but instead I bought my first home in Brisbane at the age of 18. This was the beginning of my own property journey and I continue to build my portfolio today.

I’ve come from a research background, having completed a PhD in 2001. Instead of staying in academia I moved into real estate, with involvement in the building and construction industry and property development.  Now I lead our team of professional buyers agents in Brisbane.  I use the skills I have acquired over the years to help our small team make evidence based property decisions, to accurately interpret data and translate that in an easy way for our Clients to understand.  I’m passionate about helping people in property and I’m driven by helping others find success.

Scott Jennison

Buyers Agent and QBCC Licenced Builder

My earliest experience in property and investing was in 1985, when I was working as a first-year apprentice Carpenter with my father. At that time, I was earning around $100 a week and my parents persuaded me to buy a vacant block of land, whilst taking a portion of my income to cover the repayments. A couple of years later, I built a house on that land and sold it for a profit. This first lesson from my parents taught me the value of the property as an investment tool and opened my mind to consider other property investment opportunities.

As a fully licenced builder, I have been fortunate to also have the skills which have enabled me to manufacture additional equity in my home and property investments over many years. This has been possible through renovations, extensions and property developments.

I love helping people to find or create their dream home.  Now I work very closely with our team of Brisbane buyers agents, using my construction knowledge to provide Clients with the peace of mind they deserve when purchasing real estate in Brisbane.  I also help our Clients who are looking to add extra value, or those looking to build or renovate after their purchase.

Scott Jennison Licensed Builder
Teliah Investment Property Buyer Brisbane

Teliah Furner

Buyers Agent and Qualified Property Investment Advisor (QPIA®)

I have always been passionate about property.  Spending my spare time on property listing sites became my hobby throughout my teenage years.  I knew from a young age that I needed to be in the real estate industry, and after doing unpaid work experience for a boutique Real Estate Agency, I landed my first real estate job in property management.  This is an area that I became very experienced in over the subsequent 5 years.

Being a Buyers Agent has been something I have aspired towards for a number of years and I am so excited to be a part of the Streamline Property Buyers team.  We are a small group of buyers agents in Brisbane, but we are fueled by a passion for helping others.  I am now fulfilling my dream by contributing to a service which assists clients to reach their goals through property investment and helping to match clients with their ideal home in Brisbane.

Donna Krause

Buyers Agent

For as long as I can remember, my greatest satisfaction in life has been helping people. I love being able to make things easier for others, especially in such a big life decision and investment, such as buying a home.  There are so many details to consider and mistakes can easily be made if you don’t have the knowledge and experience in what to look for ‘behind the façade’.

My background is in tourism and travel and more recently raising my three children. A fascination with real estate ignited my natural interest in looking at properties, which resulted in a career pivot into the real estate industry. After gaining my real estate salesperson license, and working within the sales side of the industry, I found myself drawn to wanting to help the buyers.  That’s when I realized my dream and joined a professional team of Buyers Agents in Brisbane.

I am so excited to be working with Streamline Property Buyers, helping local, interstate and expat buyers find their dream home in our beautiful city. It is so rewarding to represent property buyers, saving them time and stress by searching, evaluating, inspecting and negotiating with Sales Agents on their behalf.  I especially love sourcing off-market properties through our extensive agent network.  It helps buyers feel more confident that they are seeing everything that is available for sale when they are looking to relocate and create new family memories.  I become part of their journey too and that is a very special experience for us all.

Donna Buyers Agent Brisbane
Streamline Property Buyers Brisbane

James Freeman

Buyers Agent and Property Development Assistant

Originally from Rockhampton in Central Queensland, I made the move to the big smoke of Brisbane in 2014 to study a Bachelor of Business Management at The University of Queensland.  While initially overwhelmed with the big city, I quickly found Brisbane still holds a ‘small-town’ feel and sense of community that I quickly fell in love with.

I have always held a curiosity for property and as my interest in the real estate world grew I decided to major in Real Estate and Development, and was fortunate enough to get my start in the industry soon thereafter in Brisbane’s commercial property market as a sales and leasing agent.  It was during this time that I first came across the Streamline Property Buyers team and instantly knew I wanted to be a part of what they were doing.  I made the switch to the residential side of real estate and looked to gain experience wherever I could. I gained valuable development and project management experience with a high-end developer based in Brisbane’s inner north and worked with one of the top performing sales agents in Brisbane’s southern suburbs, giving me insights into those facets of real estate as well as in-depth understanding of many of Brisbane’s suburbs.

As a buyers agent with such a variety of experience and education behind me, I am excited to be able to assist you in your property search and ensure every possibility and perspective is explored to achieve you the best possible result.

Stacey May

Executive Assistant and Client Support

Growing up I have always had an interest in property and investing, which has followed me through my career and personal achievements. 

I help with onboarding new clients, guiding your experience, and ensuring that you have everything you need along the way.  I love being part of the team and helping Streamline Property Buyers’ clients understand the journey.

My background is in business management and marketing, but my intrigue for real estate has always been apparent. This interest in property and property investing resulted in a career pivot into the real estate industry.  

Stacey Streamline Property Buyers
off market property brisbane

Pauline Aldovino

Executive Assistant at Streamline Property Buyers

I never imagined that I would be working in the real estate industry, until I met the team at Streamline Property Buyers.  It opened up a new career opportunity for me.  Since working remotely from my own country with our team of Buyers Agents in Brisbane, I’ve broadened my skill set and learnt a lot more about property investments and how to have my ideal home someday.

Every day, I help the team with administrative tasks, compiling data, completing reports and generally assisting with the day-to-day activities.  I love being part of the organisation and helping Streamline Property Buyers’ clients when they buy property in Brisbane.

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